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Seek Your Best Self - Meditate

Meditation. This activity presents itself in several forms, from individuals sitting silently in place for specified periods of time  to engaging in bodily movements that range from walking outdoors to performing yoga. How people meditate depends on what activities serve as healthy outlets that allow them to quiet their minds and relax their bodies in order to reflect and listen to what is within them. There is no set prescription for  how one should meditate, although proper meditation yields inner peace and mental clarity. You can't live a positive life with a negative mind. #quote #meditation

Each Breathe is a Gift

Breathing. It’s a physiological process we take for granted  because we’re breathing from the moment we come into being until our souls leave our physical bodies. When we’re exposed to different environments, from peaceful to chaotic, our bodies respond to what they sense in many different and  unpredictable ways. Everyone has different specific thresholds when faced with uncertainty and stress; some people perform better when the body is under stress, while others may start experiencing panic attacks. Every individual  reacts uniquely to life’s circumstances.   It’s important to remember that breathing properly helps the brain make better and more thoughtful decisions, relaxes our bodies, and helps keep our emotions consistent over time. We need to take time out to maintain perspective, since monitoring our body encourages us to perform better on all levels.   Breathing exercises can help us pace ourselves. It also  promotes a healthy mindset, setting the tone of living in the present

Visualize What You Seek

Visualization. One’s mind must be able to visualize what one is seeking in life. Whether it’s a tangible or intangible wish, one must believe in its existence in order for it to take form in the physical realm. Those who visualize, believe in, and feel the presence of their goals are more likely to manifest them in their  physical reality, down to the details of where they want to live, what type of job they want to work, the type of relationship they aspire to have, and any other variables that matter to the person manifesting them. Believing in the goal is the first step, expecting it from the universe is the second step, and working  towards this goal through actions is the third step. Belief is the key ingredient that helps fuel the visualization process. It’s an effective way of materializing one’s thoughts, derived from the law of attraction. Thoughts do become things, so think positively. 

Learn How to Be Fearless

Be fearless: easier said than done. On some level, most people fear things, whether these things exist in a physical form or not. Sometimes our minds can play games with us, and we fabricate a reality that feels so real that we cannot distinguish the difference between external reality and the story we’re telling ourselves about it. The best way to overcome fear is to face it. This may not be possible in all situations, but it’s essential to question how this fear manifested in one’s path in the first place, and why it lingers to this day. If the fear keeps us from living life to the fullest, it may be a wise idea to visit a specialist who works with these concerns (fears, anxieties, trauma, etc.). Life is short, and  there are no guarantees. Many people work hard for their rewards, but realistically, for one reason or another not  everyone is fortunate enough to reap their rewards. Knowing life is finite forces us to be mindful of our time and the choices we make to derive satisfactio

Attraction Factor - Be Yourself

Be yourself. Pretty simple, huh? Society seems to dictate how we should conduct ourselves in order to achieve this false sense of nirvana. This poses a danger. Impressionable minds can easily just follow the rules society tells us are the way to  attain happiness. Be yourself. There’s a reason why only one of you exists out there. No one is perfect, so stop striving to achieve this ideal of perfection. Instead, work towards perfecting who you are, since only you know how to make yourself feel best inside and out. There are many ways we can embark upon improving ourselves, including doing the inner work that requires acknowledging our weaknesses, and the hurts that we’ve accumulated over time. Unhelpful emotions and negative thought patterns can be overridden by practicing positive thinking. As much as society loves to tell us how we  should look, how we should think, and how we should live our lives, we’re far from achieving a universal utopia. We can only control our well-being and ac

Expand Your Horizons Pt. II

There are no guarantees in life, although no good deed goes unnoticed, according to the universal law of karma. We reap what we sow, and because of that reality we must begin somewhere. It’s never too late to modify our behaviors, adjust our mindset, and enact positive changes that can deliver long term success. Success is a term open to interpretation; the definition depends on who we ask what success means, and  whether it can be quantified in the earthly realm.  Ask yourself what success means to you.  Does it mean some form of security?  Does it consist of material gain?  Does it denote good health?  Keep refining your definition of success until it incorporates healthy aspects of your life overall.  

Expand Your Horizons Pt. I

There are many strategies people can consider when setting out to achieve a personal goal. Regardless of what the goal  may be, it’s imperative that individuals understand that  following through only with actions when working towards a goal can only produce limited results. People are keen on  planning, and being emotionally invested in their goals, but  often they fall short, either in executing their intentions through  actions, or in lacking the belief that their plans can come to  fruition. Many folks put their time and energy into creating rationalizations to explain why things aren’t working out, leading them to eventually embrace the glass-half-empty  mindset.   All goals that can benefit oneself and society are achievable.  Whether the goal is personal, professional, or a life milestone, individuals need to understand that there are many ways of welcoming opportunities into their paths. Abandon the stories  that insist life is rigidly one-size-fits-all—it’s not. We all have un

Mind Your Devices

Some companies research the online presence of their job candidates, and there are employers who keep tabs on their  employees as part of their day-to-day operations, to ensure employees are responsible in their day-to-day offline and online engagements. Limit all personal activities that involve the use of company resources, from computers and electronics to company-paid phones. Actions conducted on third-party devices, whether they’re paid for on your behalf or  not, are open to scrutiny if any cyber-security or other concerns  surface later. 

Social Media: Screenings and Pitfalls

Remember that when you post something on a social forum, or send a text or picture, these things will remain in cyberspace until the end of time. They may be deleted by the  account user or site owner, but these materials remain on servers forever. Do not be na├»ve and think that a flirtatious or compromising picture cannot surface later, when a  prospective employer is conducting a search on you.   Be mindful of whom you network with, and whom you befriend online. You are the company you keep. If you’re careless in  allowing strangers to befriend you, this may pose a problem  later on. Safety and common sense should always come first.  There are many employers out there who are particular about employees not sharing work-related matters on social platforms, and some employers ban their management  members from befriending their coworkers in these online networks. Depending on the type of company, some may  reserve the right to add special clauses to working agreements that specify what

Real Life vs. Social Media

Recent technological innovations have introduced the world to many great social platforms that allow people to communicate and network on a global level. Some of these social-media platforms, from Facebook to Twitter, are great tools for business and  personal use, but only if these platforms are used responsibly at  all times. With hundreds of social-media sites available, welcoming text, pictures, and videos, and offering interactive features, it’s important to remember that these sites are public, regardless of how many privacy settings are activated by users.   If you participate on social media, make an effort to use these tools wisely.   Be responsible.   Be sensible.   Be aware.   Many students and professionals of all calibers engage on  these platforms to some degree. Often people discount the impact that social media may have on their professional image, whether they are job hunting, exploring new career paths, or trying to build credibility in cyberspace.  Remember that when

Speak Up Before It's Too Late

It’s best to disclose any skeletons in your closet that might get flagged during your background check. If these skeletons surface after you’re hired into an organization, your employer may have the right to dissolve their working agreement with you. The truth will surface sooner or later, so it’s best for the employer to hear it from the source—you. If you’re represented by a job agency, it’s best to disclose any matters of concern to your job agent. 

Background Checks: Drug Testing

Those hired to work in positions that require the handling of sensitive information may be asked to take a drug test. The drug test consists of a urine sample, and is administered at a  test-taking facility chosen by the employer. Rarely do job  candidates choose which facility the testing takes place at. The testing fees are paid for by the employer.   The testing process typically requires thirty to sixty minutes, during which time employees and potential employees complete  their medical paperwork and supply the sample required for testing. The test results are relayed within three to ten business  days, unless otherwise specified. On a side note, if an individual  cannot produce a urine sample sufficient for testing, they will be asked to return at a later time to fulfill the testing requirements. Under rare and special conditions, they may also seek a blood, hair follicle or skin graft for testing. To avoid any holdups, be prepared for drug testing, or else confirmation of the fin