Attraction Factor - Be Yourself

Be yourself. Pretty simple, huh? Society seems to dictate how we should conduct ourselves in order to achieve this false sense of nirvana. This poses a danger. Impressionable minds can easily just follow the rules society tells us are the way to  attain happiness. Be yourself. There’s a reason why only one of you exists out there. No one is perfect, so stop striving to achieve this ideal of perfection. Instead, work towards perfecting who you are, since only you know how to make yourself feel best inside and out. There are many ways we can embark upon improving ourselves, including doing the inner work that requires acknowledging our weaknesses, and the hurts that we’ve accumulated over time. Unhelpful emotions and negative thought patterns can be overridden by practicing positive thinking. As much as society loves to tell us how we  should look, how we should think, and how we should live our lives, we’re far from achieving a universal utopia. We can only control our well-being and actions. We might as well begin shifting our vibrations for the better, inside and out. 


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