Each Breathe is a Gift

Breathing. It’s a physiological process we take for granted  because we’re breathing from the moment we come into being until our souls leave our physical bodies. When we’re exposed to different environments, from peaceful to chaotic, our bodies respond to what they sense in many different and  unpredictable ways. Everyone has different specific thresholds when faced with uncertainty and stress; some people perform better when the body is under stress, while others may start experiencing panic attacks. Every individual  reacts uniquely to life’s circumstances.  

It’s important to remember that breathing properly helps the brain make better and more thoughtful decisions, relaxes our bodies, and helps keep our emotions consistent over time. We need to take time out to maintain perspective, since monitoring our body encourages us to perform better on all levels.  

Breathing exercises can help us pace ourselves. It also  promotes a healthy mindset, setting the tone of living in the present, by offering us a moment of silence and priceless perspective on what matters at the end of the day. Taking five to ten minutes for deep-breathing exercises, even in the form of meditation, can have a significant impact on one’s well being and shift one’s energy levels in the right direction.  Breathing properly takes practice, because many people believe shallow breathing to be a sufficient source of the oxygen that serves their bodies. 


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