Learn How to Be Fearless

Be fearless: easier said than done. On some level, most people fear things, whether these things exist in a physical form or not. Sometimes our minds can play games with us, and we fabricate a reality that feels so real that we cannot distinguish the difference between external reality and the story we’re telling ourselves about it. The best way to overcome fear is to face it. This may not be possible in all situations, but it’s essential to question how this fear manifested in one’s path in the first place, and why it lingers to this day. If the fear keeps us from living life to the fullest, it may be a wise idea to visit a specialist who works with these concerns (fears, anxieties, trauma, etc.). Life is short, and  there are no guarantees. Many people work hard for their rewards, but realistically, for one reason or another not  everyone is fortunate enough to reap their rewards. Knowing life is finite forces us to be mindful of our time and the choices we make to derive satisfaction and value from life itself.  

Instead of fearing the future, be open to all the opportunities life sets before you. It takes time to erase the fears that hold  one back, although working on removing these mental limits can tremendously assist spiritual growth in the long run. At times, we tend to build invisible walls around us, and then we remain unaware of their existence until we’re trying to move ahead in life, and feel something is holding us back. It’s time to melt these fears in order to grow and move forward. 


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