Visualize What You Seek

Visualization. One’s mind must be able to visualize what one is seeking in life. Whether it’s a tangible or intangible wish, one must believe in its existence in order for it to take form in the physical realm. Those who visualize, believe in, and feel the presence of their goals are more likely to manifest them in their  physical reality, down to the details of where they want to live, what type of job they want to work, the type of relationship they aspire to have, and any other variables that matter to the person manifesting them. Believing in the goal is the first step, expecting it from the universe is the second step, and working  towards this goal through actions is the third step. Belief is the key ingredient that helps fuel the visualization process. It’s an effective way of materializing one’s thoughts, derived from the law of attraction. Thoughts do become things, so think positively. 


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